Another happy customer

I decided to have solar panels fitted a while ago and using an internet search engine found a number of solar panel installers. I ended up having visits from six companies each with their own style of presentation. Some gave prices for the installation before they left, one was a pushy salesmen wanting to do a deal immediately, one gave a slick PowerPoint presentation on a laptop. Only one company actually got up a ladder to take accurate measurements of the roof as the others measured from the ground level.
Johnny Greer from Pretty Green Energy was the only one to get up onto the roof and when he came into the house he actually took off his shoes! I also found that of all of the sales people he was the least pushy and genuinely was selling the system for it’s environmental benefits as well as the financially ones to me.

A quote arrived the day after the visit and the presentation of the documents was neat and professional unlike some of the others. I was given a number of options for the size of the system and type of panels and after doing some further independent research decided to go for a 2.64kw system with Sanyo HT240 panels. Guarantees, warranties etc. were similar to the other companies but the price was competitive and I decided to place an order with Pretty Green Energy as I was getting both quality and value.

After giving a 25% deposit an install date was agreed only 2 weeks after placing the order. The scaffold was erected as planned and the next morning 3 installers and 2 electricians arrived promptly. Each of the operatives were very friendly and polite and worked hard all day to get most of the work finished. Next day the electrician and one installer returned to complete the work and by 12 o’clock I was generating electricity. The standard of work on the roof, in the loft where the inverter was fitted and the electrical works was of an extreamly high standard, neatly done and all areas were left clean and tidy. I was left with a professional manual containing useful information about the system and have recently had a Sunny Beam monitor installed which tells me how much I’m generating and how much money I’m making. It’s early days yet but the system is performing as promised and is a great investment.

I was very impressed with Adam the electrician and have since had him back in the house to do some additional electrical works for me.

I found the whole experience of dealing with Pretty Green Energy positive and I found them extreamly professional in all aspects of their work and communication and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

John Grey

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